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Lotus Health Care (LHC) one of the leading private territory Traditional / Complementary healthcare provider. LHC has been a main destination for natural healthcare and well being in central Kuala Lumpur. The curative effects of the "Traditional" & "Complementary" medicines have been kwon for many years back. The popularity of this type of treatment has been revived more recently with the increased awareness and acceptance of the "Traditional" & "Complementary" therapies.

Lotus Health Care offers the high standard of integrated approach such as, Homeopathy Medicines, Acupuncture Treatments, Ayurveda Treatments (PanchaKarma) , Reflexology , Naturopathy Therapy and Yoga. Our teams are qualified specialist can provide a wide range of holistic treatments to suit your need and problems. All our practitioners are fully qualified, licensed, insured and regulated by their professional body. They have been practising for many years. We treat all kind of ailments from acute and chronic disease. If you are uncertain of the most appropriate treatment, we always offer informed advice. We believe that the right human touch makes all the difference and by creating positive energies, you will feel better. Choosing the LOTUS HEALTH CARE is a "natural choice".

"True healing involves a growth in consciousness, an opening in awareness and a return to oneself. Everything else is symptom relief."
Ian Watson

"Homeopathy .... cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment. It is beyond doubt safe, economical and the most complete medical science."
Mahatma Gandhi

"Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine."
Dr. Charles Menninger M.D.

Man is the epitome of the universe. Within man, there is as much diversity as in the world outside. Similarly, the outside world is as diverse as human beings themselves.
The Ancient Ayurveda text, Charaka

Sabbadanam dhammadanam jinati - The gift of truth excels all other gifts. The world is continuous flux and is impermanent.

Control of the mind is said to be the highest Yoga. It is like control of an unruly horse which must be made to obey its rider.
Bhagavata Purana, XI.20

Health is a balanced state of bodily elements and of all anatomical and physiological systems, where each part of the body functions at full potential.

All impressions and reactions are known as 'mental fluctuations' or 'thought-waves', and yoga is the control of thought-waves in the mind.